Auto Generate Attributes

Autogenerate Attributes.jpg

Autogenerate Attributes is a feature of SpaceDesign to make it easier to define attributes for your components.

If you want to save, or distribute a library of components with attributes already assigned, you can use this feature to easily define the attributes for components, and then save the component definitions into a library.

  1. After you define your attributes you can create an empty .csv file for your attributes using Auto Generate Attributes from the Plugins/SpaceDesign menu.
  2. Click "Save Current Attributes to CSV"
    Save attributes.jpg

  3. Click "Yes" to edit the attributes, or click "Edit CSV File"
  4. After editing the attributes in Exel, click "Load Attributes from CSV File" to reload the new attributes.
  5. A message will be displayed showing how many components were updated
  6. Test the update by right clicking on one of the components to view/edit its attributes.
    Save local colection.jpg

  7. Load the SketchUp Components Window, select model, and save all the components in your model to a local collection
  8. When you place components from this collection, they should have the attributes already assigned to them.

  • Note:SpaceDesign requires that each component name be unique. If you have components in different folders with the same name, you will need to rename them in order to make them unique.
  • Note: Also, because of a bug (or feature) in SketchUp, you cannot create new, unique, .SKP files by copying another .SKP file. If you have two components with exactly the same geometry, you need to load the component in SketchUp and use Save As to create the second component. Otherwise SketchUp and SpaceDesign will be confused about which of the two identical components is which.

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