Aim Lamp

IRender lamp, with (optional), transparent pointing beam. The lamp was initially "glued" to the wall. We want to point it at the plant on the table.
Use cursor to point lamp. (Cursor position is near where the word "Endpoint" appears.) As you move the cursor, the lamp points to the cursor location until you click the mouse button. The base point of the light stays fixed.

Aim Lamp is a SketchUp tool to point an IRender lamp at an object in the SketchUp model.


Starting the tool

  • Right click on a lamp, and select IRender:: Aim Lamp, or
  • Select a lamp, or other component, and select Aim Components from the SketchUp Edit menu.

Aim lamp

  • The lamp will automatically point at the cursor position.
  • Snap the cursor to a face, edge, etc. at which you want to point the lamp.
  • Click the left mouse button to point the lamp, or click escape to stop the operation.

Other components

  • You can use Point Components to point other components as well. However, they will point best if the components axis is set to the center bottom of the component, and if the blue axis is aligned in the direction you want the component to use for pointing. (You can right click on a component and select Change Axes to reset its axes for better Pointing.)


  1. If a lamp or component is glued, then a unique instance will be created which is not glued. (Because you can not aim glued components - they will re-glue when you save the model.)