AccuRender rendering of a SketchUp 3D model showing Ray Trace features, such as lighting, reflection and soft shadows.

AccuRender is a renderer for AutoCAD that uses ray tracing and radiosity technologies to create high quality, photorealistic, still, panorama, and animation image files.

AccuRender was developed by Robert McNeel & Associates .

IRender nXt Special pricing

We are offering a special $50.00 discount for AccuRender licensees who purchase IRender nXt for SketchUp. Visit: Special AccuRender user pricing

This can be applied to IRender nXt, or to the Render Plus Combo Pack , which include IRender nXt, RPS 3D PDF , and RpTools


Many AccuRender for AutoCAD clients have started using Google SketchUp as well as AutoCAD and have shown interest in an AccuRender renderer for SketchUp.

Robert McNeel & Associates and Render Plus worked together to adapt the AccuRender engine as integrated renderer for SketchUp. The new product IRender nXt is integrated into SketchUp. Both SketchUp and AccuRender materials are recognized and all rendering settings are saved with the SketchUp model. This is much easier than having to export your SketchUp models to AutoCAD before rendering them.

See: IRender nXt for AccuRender Users

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